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Palm Centro (CDMA) Reviews


Good value

For $100, I feel that you cannot go wrong with this phone. Being able to web browse (at a decent speed), email, take pictures, etc. is easy and generally fast. While a couple of basic functions are missing (or at least I have not been able to figure out) like having to enter my password for voicemail (rather than programming it once) or an easy alarm clock function, these are relatively minor complaints given the amount of stuff that I am able to now do with my cell phone. The full keyboard works well (despite my large thumbs) and makes sending emails, texting, or plugging locations into google maps easy. It's also user-friendly in the sense of using caplocks, symbols, and such....
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Not a bad little phone


Pros: Quick internet, good camera, lots of features

Cons: Small keyboard

I actually had the pleasure of testing this phone before it came out. This was my first and only experience with the Palm OS. While it's a little outdated, the OS is very intuitive and I never had a problem with freezing. The phone is feature rich and the still camera and video camera provided good quality. Only problem I really has was the cramped keyboard. Other than that, this phone is definitely worth the money.

I'm luvin it


Pros: Has all kinds of feaures

Cons: I'm alway hangng up on people with my earrings

I know that overall I LOVE MY PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Centro -spicy dumpling


Pros: Pocketable, sleek, looks cool, works with Outlook Exchange

Cons: Keyboard difficult to use, Palm OS very old, ugly interface

 Value: 4.5Call/Sound: 3 Battery Life: 3 Ease of Use: 4 Features: 4 Durability: 4.5 Overall: 4   The Centro was my last smartphone before the iPhone 3G. It was given to me as an emergency replacement for the 750p which had died while I was on call (am a physician). Sprint would replace their defective phones after some argument -usually it required 2-3 hours on the phone with a rep as you "troubleshoot" the phone, after which they would send a replacement. In order, these were my Sprint phones: UTStarcom (Windows) 4700, Treo 700wx (Windows), Treo 750p (Palm), Centro.    It was the best of the bunch for the following reasons.  Value: It is available through Sprint for a very low price...
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