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Good value

A Review On: Palm Centro (CDMA)

Palm Centro (CDMA)

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For $100, I feel that you cannot go wrong with this phone. Being able to web browse (at a decent speed), email, take pictures, etc. is easy and generally fast. While a couple of basic functions are missing (or at least I have not been able to figure out) like having to enter my password for voicemail (rather than programming it once) or an easy alarm clock function, these are relatively minor complaints given the amount of stuff that I am able to now do with my cell phone.

The full keyboard works well (despite my large thumbs) and makes sending emails, texting, or plugging locations into google maps easy. It's also user-friendly in the sense of using caplocks, symbols, and such. The screen is a decent size and there is good clarity with it whether indoors or outdoors. Its design lends itself to immediate use out of the box.

I often feel like I have only scratched the surface with this phone. However, given the low cost for it, I feel that I have gotten more than fair value for it.


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Mobile Huddle › Products › Phones › Palm Centro (CDMA) › Reviews › tem16's Review