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Pandora Radio for iPhone


Pros: Intuitive interface

Cons: Not the best sound quality on EDGE

Incredibly good app.  It auto adjusts sound quality (bitrate) depending on your connection type (WiFi, 3G or EDGE) and sounds quite good on both WiFi and 3G.  To thumb up or down a song it's a single touch of the screen and it's easy to bookmark songs and artists.  They also have a button to purchase the song on iTunes, all extremely well done.


The only minor annoyance was that they asked you to setup the account on a PC instead of completely within the app interface.


Pros: Great music variety.

Cons: None

 I really enjoy this application because not only is it free but it has great music variety. The best thing about it is you can rate the song with a thumbs up if you like it then you can listen to it over and over again. If you hate a song you can rate it with a thumbs down accordingly and never hear it again. It is so easy to use and since it is on the Iphone so portable too.


Pros: Radio app for the iPhone

Cons: None

It's not rocket science. It's a really easy app to use that provides you a little escape from listening to the songs on your iPod that you've listened to 1000 times. What's better than that?


Pros: Ease of use, selection variety

Cons: None so far

 So far the selection of "radio stations", and subsequent linked music is broad, and the selections made by the system are really surprisingly well aligned with expectations.  I can't believe it.  Its good to haave yet another music source so conveniently available. 


Pros: your own personalize radio!

Cons: none! its great!

i love get your radio to play only the music that you like 24/7! what could be better i found no cons on this and its totally free!! what more could you want?  5/5 nuff said!

Pandora Radio for iPhone

Pandora is a FREE personalized radio player to stream music to the iPhone. Just enter the name of one of your favorite artists or songs and Pandora will start playing other music you may like.

Other Features
Application TypeMusic
Release Date7/11/08
Release StatusAvailable
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

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