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Plantronics EXPLORER 220 Bluetooth Headset


Pros: Decent audio quality, cheap

Cons: Not very comfortable, buttons can be a little sticky

So to be fair, I didn't use this headset for very long (just shy of a month) because it had a bit of an accident (I put it in my lap, forgot about it when I got out of my car, fell onto the pavement, got stepped on). But for the month that I did use really wasn't very comfortable - in fact, it would actually start hurting my ear after a while. I thought maybe I just wasn't used to it...but no. It just hurt.

The audio quality on my end was okay but I found that sometimes I had to speak really loudly if I wanted the person I had called to be able to hear me/understand me. And of course, it doesn't filter out any background noise so when driving, I always had to shut off any music playing otherwise the person I'd called could hear it.

Also, the volume button just has two ends to it (for increasing and decreasing) and sometimes I couldn't get it to do what I wanted because the button was rather on the short side so I'd end up getting the opposite of the effect I wanted.

For a very basic unit, this one is okay (except for the whole physical discomfort thing). But in the end, I was really okay that it got stepped on and rather broken.

Plantronics EXPLORER 220 Bluetooth Headset

The latest addition to the Plantronics Explorer family is an outstanding entry-level Bluetooth headset. It has been produced specifically for first-time buyers and delivers great battery life to match that of similar class mobile phones. It is lightweight and designed for maximum style and total comfort. With 10 metres range, and an omni-directional microphone, the Plantronics Explorer 220 will give you great sound at a great price. QuickPair technology ensures it is easy to connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device. Controls such as volume, call answer and call end are simple to use, and there is a handy LED to indicate incoming calls, missed calls and low battery.

MPNExplorer 220
Product ID47258156
CompatibilityMobile / Cellular
Wireless TechnologyBluetooth
Release StatusAvailable
Other Features
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Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Mobile Huddle › Products › Headsets › Wireless Headsets › Plantronics EXPLORER 220 Bluetooth Headset