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Telus Mobility


Pros: Great high-speed EVDO network across Canada, highly trained client care representatives, all offered devices go through life cycle testing.

Cons: Mandatory use of Telus issued devices only, poor international roaming options, late device availability.

Telus Mobility operates two separate networks and three different brands. Telus Digital PCS, Telus Mike and Koodo Mobile. Telus offers great coast to coast coverage across its brands.

The Telus PCS brand is well known for the three pillars that support Telus' 'the future is friendly' promise. First is the network promise, the carrier promises to credit your account, should 1% or more of your calls get dropped. Second is the cool phone promise, Telus guarantees you a new device every three years with up to a $150 discount upon contract renewal. Lastly is the client care promise, Telus promises that a client care representative will handle your call within five minutes, otherwise they promise to credit your account with five minutes of standard local airtime.

Telus offers a variety of data, family, personal and business plans. With various value packs and value added features such as push to talk. Telus offers an exclusive entertainment portal called 'SPARK' with the ability to purchase music from your mobile phone over the air, or on your computer.

One significant drawback is that Telus Mobility functions on a code division multiple access (CDMA) technology with its main brand, therefore only the phones that are purchased from Telus can be activated on the Telus network. Replacement phones must be obtained through Telus exclusively. In addition Telus does not have a 24/7 client care line but offers an extensive web based account management system.

Telus Mobility

Telus Mobility is a Canadian CDMA and iDEN provider featuring phones and PDAs from LG, Samsung, Motorola and Blackberry (RIM)

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