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RIM Blackberry Curve 8300 Reviews


Good Business Phone


Pros: great keyboard, quick typing, no auto correct spelling feature so you can type however you like, constant email access, camera, GPS!

Cons: bad mobile browser, navigating settings and making changes to your phone's profile is difficult and not intuitive

I think this phone is a great phone for business. The full qwerty keyboard is awesome and allows you to type full-length emails quickly and efficiently. Also, it allows you to type naturally without auto-complete or predictive text, which I think is nice because it is no problem to type any words you like including slang when texting with friends and whatnot. The camera is very nice and awesome that photos can be emailed to friends and family immediately after taking them. Exchange Server compatible so it automatically coordinates with my Outlook calendar and contacts which just makes handling business and appointments that much easier. This is a great phone and I really like it. The only...
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Great Device!


Pros: Works well for email/phone; great business tools

Cons: internet use too cumbersome;

Great business tool; email is the best; phone great; bluetooth works great; use as a modem for the computer instead of aircard.

Verizon 8830


Pros: sleek, great utility, bulletproof

Cons: better headphone features, track ball wearing out over time

This is a excellent option from Blackberry. It provides a sleek design, with the typical blackberry features. Battery life is better than average (when compared to previous bb models). After 6+ months of use, I found the track ball becoming worn out and less responsive. This is probably due to the fact that I don't use the holster, so its always in my pocket. The audio output is lacking a bit, as it requires a non standard jack and does not output in stereo. Unfortunatly listening to music isn't much of an option. As it is set up now, there is only one channel of sound with a special headphone adapter jack.

My Favorite Phone


Pros: Big Screen, Blackberry Interface, 3rd Party Apps

Cons: No video camera mode

I purchased the Curve as a refurb unit from AT&T.  I had previously used the Pearl, ans was looking for something that had the trackball but a bigger screen. The Curve was no dissapointment.  I can browse the Web easily (made better with Opera Mini), check email, and read ebooks (using Mobipocket Reader) with ease. The camera takes good still pictures.  The 8300 has no video recording capability built in, but this will be included in version 4.5 of the Blackberry OS. The Curve has a 3.5mm headset jack, making MP3 playing a breeze. The reception is great on this phone, and the speakerphone is nice and loud. I have many many phones in my collection, and this is the phone I use the most.
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best phone ive ever had


Pros: slim and useful

Cons: my finger are dirty i guess...

great feature packed phone with the super neat feature of gps.  i have it for work so email is perfect.  it's also slim so putting it in the pocket is no worry at all.  the one thing i dont like is that the clear eye ball thing in the middle after 8 months is now not so clear.  does this mean that my fingers are dirty??? gross.
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