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RIM BlackBerry Curve 8310


Pros: Very fast and responsive email, google maps gps works like a charm, thin and fits in the pocket well, great form factor, flash camera

Cons: A little slow at times, so-so battery life, no video camera

I'm on my second one in 6 months (hence the lower durability rating) while I had my previous phone for about 6 years.  However, the value  you get is well worth the money: it can now be obtained for free with a new 2-year contract (AT&T)  and THEN a free $75 rebate at


My primary uses and usage per day:

1. Email - 100 in/out

2. Gtalk/BB Messenger - 15 mins

3. Talking - 45 mins

4. Content (Viigo - RSS feeds) - 1 hour reading, I get all my news from this thing now.  It makes sure I don't spend too much time reading news, which can become a big black hole.

5. Sports scores on - 15 minutes



1. GPS (via google maps) - Don't pay for the $10 for the gps

2. 2MP Flash Camera - I've used it at night and in clubs

3. Great sound quality - I've never had a problem with it



1. A few times I had to reset it due to freezing.  I reset it once every few days to keep it responsive.

2. Battery life: I've had it last me only one day before.  I might be asking too much, because I do use the phone pretty often.  On average I can let it go 2 days and I'm just about out of juice.

3. No video camera



1. Browser is decent, though screen is too small

2. Messaging: Blackberry messenger, GTalk (Download), but no AOL IM (Can't find it anywhere for free)


Pros: shiny shiny, easy to use

Cons: not an iphone

My friends call me a tool for having a blackberry, but you know what?  I'm the best equipped in the box!  (OK, so that metaphor fell flat, but I really do get a lot of crap for it and this thing has proven it's worth enough that I don't much care what they say.)


It slices, it dices, it juliennes carrots.  I'm intimidated by the new and shiny technology that kids use these days but I picked this up pretty easily and went to town configuring it the way I want.  I love the incorporated GPS and that I can use this thing to get driving directions when I'm lost.  The camera resolution Doesn't Suck compared to an actual camera...from 3 years ago...  The web browser UI leaves something to be desired, but it's usable and reasonably fast, which is a pro over my cell phone.  The battery life is pretty good when there's no talking involved (4 days on a single charge of being rude and checking my email while I'm out on dates!?  SIGN ME UP!) but talking on the thing kills the battery life like no one's business.  Maybe 3-5 hours on a single charge?  But seriously, who TALKS on blackberries?  That's what cell phones are for, silly!  (That's right, I double-fist my electronics.)


The only con is this: THIS IS NOT AN IPHONE.  I think I would have preferred a device that's a little more meant to-browse-the-internet and...well, really, I have no idea what people do with iPhones besides browse the internet, check their email, and accidentally hit-the-mute-button-with-their-ear-while-talking-on-the-phone.  Which is pretty funny, by the way.  The blackberry is definitely not suited for slapstick comedy.


Also, I was pretty disappointed that I couldn't configure the UI to something much different from the inoffensive blues and the inoffensive fonts and the inoffensive bright-green-field-of-grass.  If I want neon pink font on a black background, I think I ought to be able to satisfy that demand.  I bet the iPhone does...

RIM BlackBerry Curve 8310

Featuring a metallic finish, clean lines and soft edges, the BlackBerry® Curve™ 8310 smartphone is the smallest and lightest BlackBerry® smartphone ever to come with a full QWERTY keyboard.

Form FactorCandy Bar
Talk Time4 Hours
Standby Time408 Hours
Product ID46588681
Battery Life4 Hours
Audio OutputHeadphone Jack
Audio Output3.5 mm Stereo jack
Input MethodKeyboard
Input MethodQWERTY Keyboard with Backlit
Width2.36 in.
Height4.21 in.
Depth0.61 in.
Weight3.91 oz.
Battery TypeRechargeable Li-Ion Battery
Built-in Digital CameraBuilt-in Digital Camera
Installed Memory64 MB
Display TechnologyColor
Included AccessoriesUSB Synchronization Cable
Expansion SlotMicroSD
Digital Camera Resolution2 Megapixels
Wireless CapabilitiesBuilt-in Wireless
Wireless CapabilitiesBluetooth
Cradle typeUSB Cradle
Security FeaturesSecurity Password
Security FeaturesKeyboard Lock
Display16-bit (64k colors) Color
TypePDA / Cell Phone
Interface TypeUSB 2.0
Interface TypeBluetooth Wireless Technology
Interface TypeWi-Fi
PDA Special FeaturesGSM
PDA Special FeaturesEDGE
PDA Special FeaturesGPRS
Cell Phone BandGSM 1800
Cell Phone BandGSM 1900
Cell Phone BandGSM 850
Cell Phone BandGSM 900
Cell Phone featuresSMS
Cell Phone featuresMMS
Color Depth16-bit (64k colors)
Built-in Music PlayerMP3 Player
Built-in Music PlayerWMA Player
Processor Speed312 MHz
Release StatusAvailable
Digital Camera Zoom
Network Type
Operating System
Other Features
Release Date
Screen Resolution
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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