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A Review On: RIM BlackBerry Curve 8310

RIM BlackBerry Curve 8310

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Pros: Very fast and responsive email, google maps gps works like a charm, thin and fits in the pocket well, great form factor, flash camera

Cons: A little slow at times, so-so battery life, no video camera

I'm on my second one in 6 months (hence the lower durability rating) while I had my previous phone for about 6 years.  However, the value  you get is well worth the money: it can now be obtained for free with a new 2-year contract (AT&T)  and THEN a free $75 rebate at


My primary uses and usage per day:

1. Email - 100 in/out

2. Gtalk/BB Messenger - 15 mins

3. Talking - 45 mins

4. Content (Viigo - RSS feeds) - 1 hour reading, I get all my news from this thing now.  It makes sure I don't spend too much time reading news, which can become a big black hole.

5. Sports scores on - 15 minutes



1. GPS (via google maps) - Don't pay for the $10 for the gps

2. 2MP Flash Camera - I've used it at night and in clubs

3. Great sound quality - I've never had a problem with it



1. A few times I had to reset it due to freezing.  I reset it once every few days to keep it responsive.

2. Battery life: I've had it last me only one day before.  I might be asking too much, because I do use the phone pretty often.  On average I can let it go 2 days and I'm just about out of juice.

3. No video camera



1. Browser is decent, though screen is too small

2. Messaging: Blackberry messenger, GTalk (Download), but no AOL IM (Can't find it anywhere for free)


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