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Not that good

A Review On: Samsung Messager R450

Samsung Messager R450

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Pros: Very easy to type on, good MP3 player and camera

Cons: No Java enabled, internet on it sucks big time.

Phone is reliable to make and receive calls, listen to music and use the bluetooth (even stereo bluetooth for listening to music).

I bought this phone to use the internet on it, more than the MP3 or the camera.
Camera takes very good pictures but you have to be close and steady, because takes time to the actual shutter to go on and pictures will come out horrible with the slightest movement, will not take Video clips or reproduce any videos (such a waste of a very nice screen size and quality).
The internet on it is terrible since is not Java enabled and lacks of enough memory dedicated to the browser, meaning that if you really need to go to a web page that has pictures, videos or any big scripts you will get kicked out to the start screen of the browser of the phone, which is the metro browser and you will have to start all over again, to top it off the internet is slow like you will not believe.
So if you plan on using the internet... avoid getting this phone.
 For texting and making phone calls is awesome, Voice commands are really smart, and when using a bluetooth ear piece you don't need to touch the phone unless you want to type a text message.
Maybe some day a way to update the browser on the phone is available, then will be worth for more than text, phone calls and listening to music.


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