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Samsung SCH-u740 Reviews


The Alias


Pros: Full keyboard in 2-way clamshell form factor

Cons: Keys a little small

Samsung SCH-u740 Alias ReviewPros: - Dual flip is cool and different - Size is nice and compact, in fact my RAZR case fits it perfectly so no need to buy another one of those - MicroSD support (as opposed to some other format) makes it easy to trade cards in and out - Bluetooth support is partially positive... I was able to push all of my contacts over from another unit - Others mention this as a con, but I like the keyboard size. I am not a huge text message user but when I do use it it is okay. I'd rather have a keyboard this size than none at all. With the exception of the number keys. - Front controls for music are nice - HoFo users reported success in viewing text messages on the...
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Perfect for texting

I love a text, so this phone is perfect for me... I like the keyboard aspect of it - it makes writing people quicker, which is nice since I rarely communicate by actually calling someone. Also, I've dropped it on the subway platform about 20 times and its still kickin'...

Best cheap phone around


Pros: Durable, full keyboard, free (with renewal/rebate)

Cons: Tiny little keys, bad camera

After a $100 credit for renewing my contract and a $50 mail-in rebate, this phone only cost me $2.50.  Consequently, I treat it like crap, and it's still held up for over a year now.  In fact, I (accidentally) dropped it 4 stories onto concrete, and once I found the battery and back plate, I reassembled it and it still works.  Had it been a $600 iPhone, I'm pretty sure it would have broken, and I'm even more sure I would have cried for days.

Great for calling and texting


Pros: Intuitive interface, QWERTY keyboard

Cons: I don't use the internet functionality

I must say I've been happy with this phone, but it hasn't exactly been life changing. I had been using a Treo for 18 months before getting this one and I got so used to having internet. This phone is enabled with Verizon's internet services, but after playing with the trial for a few days, it was so slow and hard to use that I gave it up. I do like the QWERTY keyboard for texting...the buttons are pretty small, but I find them manageable. One thing that's a pain is that if you want to use the alternate character for a button (e.g. a comma that is shared with the 'h' key) I feel like you have to hold the button down for just a bit too long. Very minor...
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pretty good


Pros: light and surprisingly durable

Cons: can be hard to use

My main complaint is that its practically impossible to enter symbols while typing a text message. you have to press like 10 buttons to enter a "(" i do like some of the graphics it has and the styles you can set the phone. also it looks flimsly but ive dropped it a billion times and its still works great. actually the main reason i bought it was because i really wanted a keyboard with my phone and this was the cheapiest option that verizon had.  So it was a good deal for what it cost.
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