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A Review On: Samsung SCH-u740

Samsung SCH-u740

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Pros: Full keyboard in 2-way clamshell form factor

Cons: Keys a little small

Samsung SCH-u740 Alias Review

- Dual flip is cool and different
- Size is nice and compact, in fact my RAZR case fits it perfectly so no need to buy another one of those
- MicroSD support (as opposed to some other format) makes it easy to trade cards in and out
- Bluetooth support is partially positive... I was able to push all of my contacts over from another unit
- Others mention this as a con, but I like the keyboard size. I am not a huge text message user but when I do use it it is okay. I'd rather have a keyboard this size than none at all. With the exception of the number keys.
- Front controls for music are nice
- HoFo users reported success in viewing text messages on the outside display
- Included tools like a stopwatch are very helpful.

- Proprietary charge/data port as opposed to micro USB. But the port is used by some other Samsungs so at least it isn't totally new.
- Reception so far is not the best. Maybe I'm having a bad tower day but my first couple of test calls were dropped in an area of the house where I normally make calls from fine with other phones (and it isn't in the basement)
- Verizon locked out access to Samsung PC Studio (at least I haven't found a way to get it to work yet), so I couldn't easily move contacts, wallpapers and ringers over through the data cable. Pushing them through BT worked but it took about twenty minutes going one at a time
- I said above I like the smaller keyboard but I wish the number keys were easier to hit. Dialing a number correctly the first time is going to take some getting used to.
- Screen resolution. Shouldn't QVGA by the norm on new phones? But at least it matches prior resolutions so my wallpaper collection is still good
- BT support is partially negative with no A2DP support
- Having some functions be landscape-only is understandable for some functions, but there were others where I thought landscape/portrait mode should not have been a factor
- Flip hinge has some lateral movement to it when closed. I suspect getting it to be tight is tough with this dual flip design so it isn't a huge con.

Overall I am very happy with it. Would I take it over the enV for extended travel? Probably not because of the A2DP, screen resolution and camera resolution shortfalls to the enV. But for everyday use I would probably grab the u740. If form factor is not an issue then users will probably prefer the enV due to the more spacious keyboard layout. But I tend to like thinner units so that issue is a wash for me.


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