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Great phone

A Review On: Sony Ericsson w580i

Sony Ericsson w580i

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Pros: small lightweight, great speaker

Cons: very flimsy, feels cheap.

Good phone, the speaker is very loud, it is a good thing if you are outside.  but if you are in a meeting or at work may be al little emabarrassing.  The camera is okay for candid shots, but not the greatest...but oh well better than nothing.


The only negaives would be the build, it feels cheap.  It is also not the smoothest of sliders.  I also don't like the fact there there is a button for the web in the front.  It frequetly gets pushed when in my pocket and next thing I know I'm connected to the the internet.  I wish there was a way to customize that button. 


Otherwise great phone.

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Mobile Huddle › Products › Phones › Sony Ericsson w580i  › Reviews › VTBooda's Review