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Sony Ericsson W810i


Pros: flashlights, reliable, good battery life

Cons: too easy to accidently turn on the internet

I'm not much of a tech person I'll admit, I selected the phone because you can turn the flash on to use as a flashlight, which to me is the best feature a phone can ever have.  I tried once downloading songs from itunes but it wasn't compatible with the phone, aside from that I have never played with the music feature. The memory card can be easily replaced to fit more music or pictures, if you want to use it as an MP3 player.


I've dropped it many times, and the worst that's ever happened is the memory stick pops out. I charge the battery once a week, usually not more than that. It charges fully in about a half hour, which seems fast! I don't like that the location of the internet button, it is too close to the menu/selection button and I turn it on by accident pretty frequently.  Fortunately AT&T only charges a few cents a time for this, but it still bugs me. I recently got a Motorola Bluetooth H700 headset because of the California driving law, and it works great it this phone. If I could figure out how to connect them, anyone can. I haven't figured out voice activated calling, but I think the phone will do it.


Pros: Expandable memory, decent cameraphone

Cons: Sound quality of walkman mp3s is dreadful

Unlike the other reviewer, I haven't downloaded any apps from Google, nor do I have a data plan through AT&T, so I can't speak to much regarding any external programs you may add.

My thoughts:

Sony/Ericsson includes an adapter plug and pair of headphones in the box with the phone, unlike many other music phone manufacturers, unfortunately the headphones are terrible, and I've lost my headphone adapter. While I had it though I noticed the following: 1. Sound quality of MP3s was just BAD. Sony probably made a mistake branding this phone as a Walkman, unless this is what all Walkman products sound like. Once I plugged in my Shure E2Cs I could almost always hear a low hum, and music was flat and processed. Wasn't worth it to me to keep using this phone as my mp3 player, especially considering number 2: The Sony software was dreadful. Moving music to the phone (or the memory stick I purchased for use with the phone) used a headache inducing software system that was also slow as molasses. Once you have the music on the phone, navigation is tediously slow, especially when you are trying to create playlists. You cannot create playlists on your computer by selecting songs, you have to create playlists on the phone. Not worth it really... I would just listen to a single artist at a time to avoid the hassle.

The camera is actually quite passable, for a phone. It has a "flash" which is an LED light that gets pretty bright and I've used as a flashlight numerous times.

An irritation: every so often I get a message telling me that the text message memory is 95% full, whatever that means, and I've got to delete my old sent and received messages before it goes away. I would love to be able to set it to delete my old messages after a week or something so I didn't get that message, but I was unable to find that kind of customization in the menus.

Cingular/ATT specific hassles:

I cannot use my own MP3s for ringtones. I spent an hour or two one night trying to reduce the size/length/quality of the MP3s I wanted for ringtones to meet the inhibitions loaded on by C/ATT. Couldnt ever figure it out. Worthless.

There are features disabled by C/ATT beyond this, including the FM radio.

The Gray button you see on the right side of the phone opposite the orange button. SE originally designed the phone so that was programmable. The orange button fires up the MP3 player, the gray button is a freebie you can assign to whatever you like. Not so with C/ATT bastardization.

So why have I still given this phone a decent rating? I guess because I like it, even with its inherent problems. It is small, I prefer candybar phones anyways, battery life is great, and I've dropped it a few times and it keeps on ticking. If I had it to do again, I'd probably buy the phone elsewhere or have it unlocked, but I'm lazy.


Pros: Great battery life, decent camera, expandable memory

Cons: A bit slow with some applications

I primarily purchased this phone because of it's popularity with Java applications. Google offers native versions of both GMail and Google Maps for this model. Also, Opera Mini is well well supported as an alternative browser. This was my first Symbian based phone and I agree with most people, it's incredibly easy to use and has most the features you'd ever want.

My only problem with it is as Google added features to the mobile, Java-based version of GMail, the app became very slow on this particular phone. You sometimes have to wait over a minute for it to respond to input as it loads data. I'm sure it's because of little memory and a fairly slow CPU. But it does work well and data plans for this phone are extremely affordable.


Pros: durable, good camera, good sound, great reception

Cons: music player complicated, internet annoying, headset/headphones suck.

I've had this phone for two years now and have loved it, once I accepted it's limitations. I'm about to switch  up to an iPhone 3G, but I will miss some features of my old candy-bar buddy.


My main reasons for buying this phone were Sony-Ericcson's record of quality phones and the fact that my wife had taken over my Canon digital camera for her work. With young children I wanted to have a good-quality camera at the ready for all those photo opportunites. I didn't care much about the music player, as I had an iPod that took care of that better than any phone at the time could.


I have never had a problem with sound or reception, and I live in a rather dodgy area for reception at times. Good, loud speaker and my Plantronics bluetooth headset has never had a problem. The included options for headsets and headphones suck - having to plug an adapter into the charger port is a pain in the you-know-what.


The phone is tough. I have dropped in on all variety of surfaces, left it on top of my car and driven off, and have both a three year-old and six month-old who are fascinated by it (it is apparently chewable). I have a small scratch on the screen, and some rough edges on the corners from hits, but that is it. Impressive.


I'm looking forward to having internet capabilities that aren't clipped and limited to a tiny screen.


I'm still going to keep this phone as a back-up and a camera.


Even at two years old, I'd recommend it if you just need a good phone with a camera.




Pros: It is great with java,great sound quality,small and easy to fit in ur hand,flashlight the works

Cons: Primarilly i dont have anything to say in this area

I think this is one of the best inventions ever

Sony Ericsson W810i

The W810i Walkman is a powerful music player with everything you need for a mobile music lifestyle. A digital music player, FM radio, music management software and accessories to make music listening pure pleasure.

Network TypeGSM 850
Network TypeGSM 900
Network TypeGSM 1800
Network TypeGSM 1900
Network TypeEDGE
Network TypeGPRS
Form FactorCandy Bar
Display Size176 x 220
Talk Time8 Hours
Standby Time350 Hours
Screen Type262K Colors (TFT)
Antenna TypeIntegrated
Messaging FormatsWireless Village Instant Messaging
Messaging FormatsIMAP4
Messaging FormatsSMTP
Messaging FormatsPOP3
Messaging FormatsMMS
Messaging FormatsSMS
Messaging FormatsEMS
Data FormatsMIDP2
Data FormatsJ2ME
Data FormatsWAP 1.2
Data FormatsWAP 2.0
Data FormatsXHTML
Phone FeaturesPredictive text input
Phone FeaturesVibrating Alert
Phone FeaturesIntegrated speakerphone
Available ColorsBlack
Input Method5-Way Navigation Pad
Input MethodKeypad
Organizer FeaturesCalendar
Organizer FeaturesAlarm clock
Organizer FeaturesPersonal Information Management
Organizer FeaturesBusiness card exchange
ApplicationsCountdown timer
ApplicationsJAVA games
ApplicationsJAVA Applications
Address Book Capacity1000 Contacts
Width4.6 cm
Height9.9 cm
Depth2.03 cm
Weight1.59 kg
Other FeaturesPC synchronization
Multimedia FeaturesVideo Player
Multimedia Features40 Voice Polyphonic Ringtones
Multimedia FeaturesIntegrated Digital Camera
Multimedia FeaturesMIDI Ringtones
Multimedia FeaturesMP3 player
Multimedia FeaturesMP3 ringtones
Multimedia FeaturesMPEG4 video playback
Multimedia FeaturesVideo Capture
Multimedia FeaturesVoice recorder
Multimedia FeaturesPolyphonic ringtones
Multimedia FeaturesFM Radio
Multimedia FeaturesFM Radio with RDS
ConnectivitySync ML
Installed Memory20 MB
Expansion SlotMemory Stick Pro Duo
Digital Camera Resolution2 Megapixels
Digital Camera Zoom4x Digital Zoom
Release StatusAvailable
Cell Phone Band
Included Accessories
Operating System
Release Date
Screen Resolution
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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