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Sony Ericsson W810i Reviews


It has a flashlight!


Pros: flashlights, reliable, good battery life

Cons: too easy to accidently turn on the internet

I'm not much of a tech person I'll admit, I selected the phone because you can turn the flash on to use as a flashlight, which to me is the best feature a phone can ever have.  I tried once downloading songs from itunes but it wasn't compatible with the phone, aside from that I have never played with the music feature. The memory card can be easily replaced to fit more music or pictures, if you want to use it as an MP3 player. I've dropped it many times, and the worst that's ever happened is the memory stick pops out. I charge the battery once a week, usually not more than that. It charges fully in about a half hour, which seems fast! I don't like that the location of the internet button,...
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Get one unlocked rather than from Cingular/ATT


Pros: Expandable memory, decent cameraphone

Cons: Sound quality of walkman mp3s is dreadful

Unlike the other reviewer, I haven't downloaded any apps from Google, nor do I have a data plan through AT&T, so I can't speak to much regarding any external programs you may add. My thoughts: Sony/Ericsson includes an adapter plug and pair of headphones in the box with the phone, unlike many other music phone manufacturers, unfortunately the headphones are terrible, and I've lost my headphone adapter. While I had it though I noticed the following: 1. Sound quality of MP3s was just BAD. Sony probably made a mistake branding this phone as a Walkman, unless this is what all Walkman products sound like. Once I plugged in my Shure E2Cs I could almost always hear a...
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Great Basic Phone


Pros: Great battery life, decent camera, expandable memory

Cons: A bit slow with some applications

I primarily purchased this phone because of it's popularity with Java applications. Google offers native versions of both GMail and Google Maps for this model. Also, Opera Mini is well well supported as an alternative browser. This was my first Symbian based phone and I agree with most people, it's incredibly easy to use and has most the features you'd ever want. My only problem with it is as Google added features to the mobile, Java-based version of GMail, the app became very slow on this particular phone. You sometimes have to wait over a minute for it to respond to input as it loads data. I'm sure it's because of little memory and a fairly slow CPU. But...
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A solid phone


Pros: durable, good camera, good sound, great reception

Cons: music player complicated, internet annoying, headset/headphones suck.

I've had this phone for two years now and have loved it, once I accepted it's limitations. I'm about to switch  up to an iPhone 3G, but I will miss some features of my old candy-bar buddy. My main reasons for buying this phone were Sony-Ericcson's record of quality phones and the fact that my wife had taken over my Canon digital camera for her work. With young children I wanted to have a good-quality camera at the ready for all those photo opportunites. I didn't care much about the music player, as I had an iPod that took care of that better than any phone at the time could. I have never had a problem with sound or reception, and I live in a rather dodgy area for reception at times. Good,...
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Great allrounder


Pros: It is great with java,great sound quality,small and easy to fit in ur hand,flashlight the works

Cons: Primarilly i dont have anything to say in this area

I think this is one of the best inventions ever
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