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A Review On: Sony Ericsson W810i

Sony Ericsson W810i

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Pros: Great battery life, decent camera, expandable memory

Cons: A bit slow with some applications

I primarily purchased this phone because of it's popularity with Java applications. Google offers native versions of both GMail and Google Maps for this model. Also, Opera Mini is well well supported as an alternative browser. This was my first Symbian based phone and I agree with most people, it's incredibly easy to use and has most the features you'd ever want.

My only problem with it is as Google added features to the mobile, Java-based version of GMail, the app became very slow on this particular phone. You sometimes have to wait over a minute for it to respond to input as it loads data. I'm sure it's because of little memory and a fairly slow CPU. But it does work well and data plans for this phone are extremely affordable.


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Mobile Huddle › Products › Phones › Sony Ericsson W810i  › Reviews › teej's Review