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It has a flashlight!

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Sony Ericsson W810i

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Pros: flashlights, reliable, good battery life

Cons: too easy to accidently turn on the internet

I'm not much of a tech person I'll admit, I selected the phone because you can turn the flash on to use as a flashlight, which to me is the best feature a phone can ever have.  I tried once downloading songs from itunes but it wasn't compatible with the phone, aside from that I have never played with the music feature. The memory card can be easily replaced to fit more music or pictures, if you want to use it as an MP3 player.


I've dropped it many times, and the worst that's ever happened is the memory stick pops out. I charge the battery once a week, usually not more than that. It charges fully in about a half hour, which seems fast! I don't like that the location of the internet button, it is too close to the menu/selection button and I turn it on by accident pretty frequently.  Fortunately AT&T only charges a few cents a time for this, but it still bugs me. I recently got a Motorola Bluetooth H700 headset because of the California driving law, and it works great it this phone. If I could figure out how to connect them, anyone can. I haven't figured out voice activated calling, but I think the phone will do it.


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Mobile Huddle › Products › Phones › Sony Ericsson W810i  › Reviews › Klynn's Review