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Get one unlocked rather than from Cingular/ATT

A Review On: Sony Ericsson W810i

Sony Ericsson W810i

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Pros: Expandable memory, decent cameraphone

Cons: Sound quality of walkman mp3s is dreadful

Unlike the other reviewer, I haven't downloaded any apps from Google, nor do I have a data plan through AT&T, so I can't speak to much regarding any external programs you may add.

My thoughts:

Sony/Ericsson includes an adapter plug and pair of headphones in the box with the phone, unlike many other music phone manufacturers, unfortunately the headphones are terrible, and I've lost my headphone adapter. While I had it though I noticed the following: 1. Sound quality of MP3s was just BAD. Sony probably made a mistake branding this phone as a Walkman, unless this is what all Walkman products sound like. Once I plugged in my Shure E2Cs I could almost always hear a low hum, and music was flat and processed. Wasn't worth it to me to keep using this phone as my mp3 player, especially considering number 2: The Sony software was dreadful. Moving music to the phone (or the memory stick I purchased for use with the phone) used a headache inducing software system that was also slow as molasses. Once you have the music on the phone, navigation is tediously slow, especially when you are trying to create playlists. You cannot create playlists on your computer by selecting songs, you have to create playlists on the phone. Not worth it really... I would just listen to a single artist at a time to avoid the hassle.

The camera is actually quite passable, for a phone. It has a "flash" which is an LED light that gets pretty bright and I've used as a flashlight numerous times.

An irritation: every so often I get a message telling me that the text message memory is 95% full, whatever that means, and I've got to delete my old sent and received messages before it goes away. I would love to be able to set it to delete my old messages after a week or something so I didn't get that message, but I was unable to find that kind of customization in the menus.

Cingular/ATT specific hassles:

I cannot use my own MP3s for ringtones. I spent an hour or two one night trying to reduce the size/length/quality of the MP3s I wanted for ringtones to meet the inhibitions loaded on by C/ATT. Couldnt ever figure it out. Worthless.

There are features disabled by C/ATT beyond this, including the FM radio.

The Gray button you see on the right side of the phone opposite the orange button. SE originally designed the phone so that was programmable. The orange button fires up the MP3 player, the gray button is a freebie you can assign to whatever you like. Not so with C/ATT bastardization.

So why have I still given this phone a decent rating? I guess because I like it, even with its inherent problems. It is small, I prefer candybar phones anyways, battery life is great, and I've dropped it a few times and it keeps on ticking. If I had it to do again, I'd probably buy the phone elsewhere or have it unlocked, but I'm lazy.


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