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Sprint USA Reviews


Get the SERO Plan


Pros: GREAT price, decent service

Cons: None

I've got Sprint's 'SERO' plan. SERO stands for Sprint Employee Referral Offer, and it is (officially) open to anyone who knows a Sprint employee. I knew someone from college. The SERO plan is great... you get basically unlimited of everything Sprint offers, except for minutes, and it is about $30/month. That's unlimited picture and text messaging, unlimited data, Sprint TV (although not all the channels), etc. etc. All for $30/month (500 minutes) Sprint's coverage is decent enough that I don't have problems with dropped calls too often. They're leading the major companies in terms of their 3G data buildout, with 3G service having been operational for some time in most markets. Data is...
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Horrible customer service


Pros: Stylish phones, good network

Cons: Customer service, CDMA

I liked the service, I liked the phones. I hated the way they did business. I would honestly get my bill 2 days after it was due and then they would shut my phone off for non-payment. Then, when I would call, they were very rude and would treat me like a criminal.

Dropped calls irritate me to no end


Pros: Good little wireless cards, okay phone selection, pretty good rates

Cons: Spotty service depending on building construction/location

I was a Sprint customer for about 6 years (at the beginning of 2008, I switched over to AT&T). It certainly wasn't terrible but it wasn't great. My biggest complaint was that I consistently had dropped calls - it seemed like the type of building I was in or where I was in a building had a pretty big influence on signal strength (examples: leaning out of my dorm window in Rhode Island I had pretty good service but in the halls, it was miserable; outside of my dad's house in the SF Bay Area, I had great reception but inside my room, it tended to cut out at least twice per call). It would also go on analog roam quite a bit even when it really shouldn't have been...
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Decent carrier


Pros: Great rates, great Data service

Cons: Coverage could be better

I switched to AT&T for better coverage and better phone support, but not a bad choice. They know they're at a disadvantage and charge less as a result. Their data network was the best for quite some time (while Verizon and AT&T played catch up) and did work extremely well. Their coverage may be better in your area, and they might be a good option if you don't value phone selection/availability.
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