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T-Mobile USA


Pros: Generous expiration times, coverage

I originally started T-Mobile prepaid because I was on Verizon and wanted to play with some unlocked GSM phones.  I didn't want to start another contract at thetime, so instead I started a prepaid account with T-Mobile.


I found the terms to be very fair... minutes expire after 90 days, unless you get to the point where you have purchased $100 worth of airtime.  At that point you hit the "Gold Rewards" level and minutes do not expire for a year. Up until expiration if you add any airtime the unused minutes renew to the next expiration time.  I have a couple of thousand minutes loaded on the account, and every 11 months or so I throw five bucks on to keep the account alive.


I have found T-Mobile's prepaid network coverage to be pretty good.  My house is almost a Verizon dead spot, and T-Mobile works pretty well in areas of the house where Verizon does not.


As long as the coverage maps (which I have found to be pretty accurate) on T-Mobile's Web site show that you have coverage where you need it, I can wholeheartedly recommend T-Mobile for prepaid service.


Pros: Great customer service

Cons: Bad mobile service

After a few maddening interactions with the customer service people at AT&T back in 2005, I switched over to T-Mobile, which immediately impressed me with its customer service--it was night and day. At one point a rep. even offered to call me back in a month to check in on a change to my account.


Unfortunately, when it came to doing what I was actually paying them for--that is, making it possible for me to talk to other people not within shouting distance--they couldn't hold a candle to AT&T, at least not in SF. Dropped calls, dead zones, etc. And when, just after a month in, it became clear that it wasn't an improvement at all, customer service turned hard-nosed, and refused to release me from my contract.


When my contract ended a year later, I promptly switched back to AT&T.


Pros: Cost, customer service

Cons: Phone selection, lack of 3G

T-Mobile has been good to me over the years. There is no other carrier that I will get as much with as I get with them. That being said, it's gonna be time for me to move on if things don't change as far as phone selection and 3G coverage. I hear that there are great things coming up the pike so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


Pros: Wide variety of options

Cons: Customer service is weak

T-Mobile is one of the big four cellular service providers in the nation, and is available in all 50 states. It also has the innovative Hotspot @Home service, which lets customers use their phones at any Internet hotspot, including one that a customer creates in their own home. The company offers a wide variety of services. Customers have the ability to download multimedia such as ringtones, SMS and MMS, and Internet and e-mail usage. Their plans range from individual plans, to prepaid plans, to family plans, to business plans. There is even a FlexPay plan, where a customer can pay upfront for their phone and the first month of service, and then continue the service without having to pay a contract. Call quality really depends on where you use your phone. If you use your phone in areas where T-Mobile has the best coverage then all should be well. Once you get out into the areas where you only get one or two bars then you start to run into problems, dropped calls and poor voice quality are the norm. Services such as messaging and Internet work as intended, but can also deteriorate in the outer fringes of the coverage area. Customer service is where T-Mobile really drops the ball. Calling in to do something like switch plans was an exercise in frustration. The only thing customer representatives were good for was to pass you on to another department; no one could quite clearly answer a question. Things don’t get much better for Spanish speakers, as the representatives in the Spanish language side of things seems to know even less than their English speaking counterparts. This service provider is for those looking to get the most bang out of their buck, as most of their plans are very competitive. Just be wary that if you have to contact customer service that you might be in for a frustrating time.


Pros: Good price, good coverage

Cons: contracts

I'm pretty happy with T-Mobile. I've got a 300 minute plan for myself and a second for my wife for $30/month each. After taxes and everything, it comes out to around $74 per month for the two of us. We don't use the phone a whole lot, so I was just looking for a cheap plan without too many minutes, and T-Mobile had the best deal. I haven't had any problems with the coverage. In fact, I've been places where i have better coverage than my co-workers with different plans.

With the plan I got a free phone with bluetooth capability, and my wife got one with a camera. I was kind of hoping to get a phone with both features, but they're both pretty good.


Pros: great customer service

Cons: coverage gaps

I'm a fan of Tmobile customer service. They're really friendly and will talk to you forever (they don't try to get you off the line when you call with a question or problem).


Pros: reliable

Cons: loses track of details

Their coverage is better and their representatives are typically less rude and more helpful than that of my previous carrier (Verizon) and my folks switched to them from Sprint after envying my coverage.


My only complaint is that they make it easy for the lazy consumer like me to neglect things like my contract renewals and the phone upgrades.  The former happens without my knowing while the latter...just doesn't happen.  Not actually sure if it even is supposed to.  Hmm.


Pros: Faves, reception is surprisingly good

I switched pretty much entirely to get the fave 5 a few years ago, thinking my reception in the Bay Area would suffer, but that was worth it cause I needed the faves for work. Reception has been awesome, almost never have a dropped call.


Pros: Great coverage almost everywhere

Cons: Terrible coverage on Stanford campus

I have been very pleased with T-Mobile's Friends and Family plan. My mom, sister, and I all share a plan which has enabled me to afford internet for my smartphone. Although T-Mobile is horrible on Stanford campus, my reception has been great everywhere else I've been (Bay Area, Houston, New York, and Portland). All in all, it's a great service.


Pros: Cheap in comparison

Cons: Spotty service in places

T-Mobile offers great family plans. Be sure to check the coverage in your area and your house before deciding. If you have solid coverage, T-Mobile is a good choice.

T-Mobile USA

T-Mobile USA, headquarters in Bellevue, WA, features primarily Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, Blackberry (RIM), Sony Ericsson, and Sidekick phones.

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Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

Network Technology used: GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, WLAN Hotspots, T-Mobile Hotspot @Home


T-Mobile USA is the winner of 11 J.D. Power awards.


T-Mobile Hotspot @Home demo

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