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Pros: Free calls in network, free weekends, free evenings, family plan with shared minutes, good coverage with few dropped calls

Cons: Cost, crappy GUI on phones,

This is my first experience with a cell phone plan. Previously I had been using pre pay plans in New Zealand.


At the moment we share a family plan with my in-laws (four of us split 800 minutes a month).


We love the fact that we get free calls between Verizon phones, free calls on evenings (after 9pm) and on weekends. The coverage has been excellent - we've taken it into the northern woods of Minnesota, the canyons of Utah, and even Canada and always had coverage in places that you would expect to get a signal. Even although I work in what resembles a fall out shelter (where I don't regularly get a signal), occasionally a text message slips through. Somehow. Who knows how Verizon manage that feat.


The plan itself is reasonably priced, but our bill can be very expensive if we exceed our 800 minutes, and text messaging costs add up very quickly. Text messages are not part of our plan, and we are charged 20 cents per message. Damn kids.


The Verizon interface is clunky, and really limits your ability to customize the phone. They also feel the need to brand the phone on every flat surface, just in case someone ever looks at me and thinks "Wow! Look how great his mobile coverage is!". It hasn't happened yet, but Verizon still hold out hope.


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