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Verizon Wireless

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Pros: Great coverage especially in rural areas

Cons: Terrible phones and customer service

Tried to cancel service...Called one representative she stated that since I was not the primary line.  I was able to cancel my line with no early termination fee.  I only had 20 days left in my contract.  When I got my next bill (my wife stayed with verizon...why I don't know)  There was a $175 charge!!!!!  When I called them they were playing dumb stating you broke contract agreements.  Long story short...I reminded them that they record all phone calls.  They did see that I inquired about the early termination fee, but there was no record of that representative ever telling me that information. 


The first rep. stated there is nothing she could do, I then asked to talk to the manager.  She also said there is nothing she could do.  I kept arguing that I only had 20days left in my contract if I would have known about this I would have waited!!!!! Anyway after about 2hours of complaining they transferred my to the cancellation dept.  They said they could pro-rate the fee.  I still had to pay aboutt $50. 


There Representatives suck...They don't know what they are doing.  Verizon Just sucks all around. 


Also another pet peeve of mine is the fact that you can't just switch phones without either going on their worthless website (which is down every other day) or call them and spending about 20min. or so just the switch a phone. 


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