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Pros: tons of Verizon stores to go complain too

Cons: Dropped calls/ bad reception

The carrier battle seems to have a very distinct line drawn. Either you love or hate your carrier, not a lot of grey area. For me, Verizon was horrible. I had a family plan with the unlimeted data plan for my Palm 700w. Starting the cost, there really wasn't any added value to being a Verison customer over the other carriers, they weren't doing anything special in terms of promotions or other forms of discounts.


My beef is primarily with the fact that I constantly had dropped calls and really poor reception, often. I realize that this may have to do with the device, but if Verizon has the cojones to slap there logo on a device and sell it for $500, it better work as prescribed. It didn't. I live in the Rochmond, VA area and would travel the I-95 corridor back and forth to Washington, DC. There we large stretches that had either no reception or single bar.. crappy.


If i wasn't paying $150 a month in cell charges, maybe i'd feel differntly, but that's way too much loot for substandard service.


I switched to ATT, which i realize is like swapping one evil empire for another, but so far reception is good, no dropped calls and I'm getting equal value for my money.


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Mobile Huddle › Products › Carriers › US Carriers › Verizon Wireless › Reviews › pgallett's Review