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Verizon Wireless Reviews

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Pros: Great coverage especially in rural areas

Cons: Terrible phones and customer service

Tried to cancel service...Called one representative she stated that since I was not the primary line.  I was able to cancel my line with no early termination fee.  I only had 20 days left in my contract.  When I got my next bill (my wife stayed with verizon...why I don't know)  There was a $175 charge!!!!!  When I called them they were playing dumb stating you broke contract agreements.  Long story short...I reminded them that they record all phone calls.  They did see that I inquired about the early termination fee, but there was no record of that representative ever telling me that information.  The first rep. stated there is nothing she could do, I then asked to talk to the manager. ...
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Put me in the "Not So Good " category


Pros: tons of Verizon stores to go complain too

Cons: Dropped calls/ bad reception

The carrier battle seems to have a very distinct line drawn. Either you love or hate your carrier, not a lot of grey area. For me, Verizon was horrible. I had a family plan with the unlimeted data plan for my Palm 700w. Starting the cost, there really wasn't any added value to being a Verison customer over the other carriers, they weren't doing anything special in terms of promotions or other forms of discounts.  My beef is primarily with the fact that I constantly had dropped calls and really poor reception, often. I realize that this may have to do with the device, but if Verizon has the cojones to slap there logo on a device and sell it for $500, it better work as prescribed. It...
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Misery Wireless


Pros: good coverage

Cons: absolutely terrible customer service

Over the years I've been with quite a few phone carriers. Verizon is hands down the worst ever. Their coverage my be the best, but that's where is stops. If you have a problem, or want to get something changed once you are signed up, forget it. I remember walking into the Verizon store with fists full of cash, begging them to help - to no avail. If you want to be treated like crap, switch to Verizon. If you have any self respect switch to AT&T/Cingular. I have had $300 overages completely erased by them, and early termination fees are easy to get out of.
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