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Verizon Wireless Reviews

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I only have it because of my family plan


Pros: free texting within the network

Cons: no sim cards in phones and patch service some places

Verizon is the only carrier I have ever had. I use it because I am on the family plan with my parents and brother. I appreciate the free calls within the plan and the unlimited texts to other verizon members The coverage  works well in California, but I went to school in the bay area, and in some places, like Palo Alto, there is less than stellar coverage. I don't have the experience to say how well it peroforms vs other carriers, but it works well enough.

Decent service


Pros: Good service in most locations

Cons: "Can you hear me now?" Well no I'm on a college campus that doesn't get good service

Decent service with good rates.  In certain places on a college campus I have zero service which means I can't make calls and my battery dies.  Otherwise, I am very happy with Verizon.

Gets the job done


Pros: locations, service

Cons: phone prices

Verizon gets the best service to my knowledge. If I find out otherwise I would surely change though because the prices of features they give add up.

My network takes some days off


Pros: unlimited "in-network" calling, I'm already with them

Cons: I loose service at times, no reception at my parents house

I used to absolutely love Verizon, although lately we've been fighting. I don't know if the service or the phone is to blame, but I lose service in my own house, right outside the Washington, DC metropolitan area. I have phone calls that are filled with echos and my parents house is out in the country doesn't get any sort of service. I like the long distance in-network free calls and that my minutes are free to other Verizon folks, but I think they're service plans could use some expanding, the options are pretty limited. All in all, from where I sit, it's better than the hassle of switching carriers.

Leaves a few things to be desired


Pros: Great network, decent phone selection

Cons: I feel a bit nickle and dimed

I have been with Verizon for quite a while now (7 years) and for the most part we've gotten along beautifully. Living in the Bay Area, I almost NEVER have signal or call quality issues on Verizon, my phones have always been of at least reasonable quality, but I can't say I'm a full-on fan. I had a few $250+ bills in college, they hassled me relentlessly when my old company made me change networks and I wanted to keep my number, and I find I still live in fear when I open the email with my monthly fee wondering if I've done something stupid to warrant exorbitant overages. I guess my main gripe really is just expense. I'd love to have a data plan, but just can...
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