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Verizon Wireless Reviews

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Best Coverage Around


Pros: Great Coverage

Cons: phone selection not the best

My main reason for staying with Verizon is the coverage.  I travel a good amount and Verizon is one of the only that work were I go.   I just wish they had more choices in phones. 

Not all bad...


Pros: Free calls in network, free weekends, free evenings, family plan with shared minutes, good coverage with few dropped calls

Cons: Cost, crappy GUI on phones,

This is my first experience with a cell phone plan. Previously I had been using pre pay plans in New Zealand. At the moment we share a family plan with my in-laws (four of us split 800 minutes a month). We love the fact that we get free calls between Verizon phones, free calls on evenings (after 9pm) and on weekends. The coverage has been excellent - we've taken it into the northern woods of Minnesota, the canyons of Utah, and even Canada and always had coverage in places that you would expect to get a signal. Even although I work in what resembles a fall out shelter (where I don't regularly get a signal), occasionally a text message slips through. Somehow. Who knows how Verizon manage...
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Works Great


Pros: Great Coverage

I'm on the Family plan and the pricing is very reasonable.  It has great coverage where I live (outside D.C.), I raraly ever get a call dropped and my calls are always clear.  The IN network is great since it works nationwide.  Everywhere I travel I get great reception too (up and down the east coast and the west coast).  I have to disagree with hreppard and gdean about the service.  While the wait at the stores can be long if you go at the wrong time, i've almost always gotten great customer service.  I do go to the same store every time, so maybe its just them.  They even replaced my water damaged phone for $50 when I was supposed to have to buy it at the list price. 


I have had verizon for about 4 years.  I live in Central Virginia, and have always had covereage where I need it in resonable areas (not mountain tops, etc.).  I would say that Verizon's best feature is the "in" plan, where you don't pay for calls to other verizon customers, and their worst feature is the customer support or visiting a store.

Good solid service

I have no complaints about Verizon service. I switched to them in 2004 because the rest of my family was on Verizon and the IN-network made sense for me. Since then, I'm on my third phone (as they have become outdated, not problematic). I switched to Verizon from Sprint. Sprint, at least in 2001-3, was terrible in my college town of Blacksburg, VA. Unfortunately when I made the switch, my number wasn't portable, but that was my only complaint at the time about the move.



Pros: sound quality, coverage

Cons: phone selection

VZW offers great sound quality, superior data connectivity and speed, and excellent customer service. The phone selection is lacking though.

Great carrier


Pros: Few dropped calls; great coverage; in-network free calls

Cons: Extra cost for texts on my plan; no iPhone

Really great carrier. Three things I'm especially impressed with: 1. Almost never a dropped call. 2. Really good service, almost everywhere that I travel (West Coast, East Coast, and internationally -- took my phone on a trip to China last summer). 3. Free calls to anyone on the same carrier!!! Lastly, I'm on a family plan that's super reasonable. Only downsides: text messaging wasn't included in our family plan, so I had to add-on 100 texts a month for about 10 bucks...also, you can't get the iPhone through Verizon! Overall, though, I'm very happy with it and have no plans to change carriers. PS I can't rate service/support because I never need it!
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