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Why won't Palm release more Palm Treos?

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I'll be the first to admit that PalmOS is getting (very) long in the tooth, but I'm still disappointed that Palm is really dragging their feet on releasing more Palm OS Treos. The Treo 755p was the last real business-oriented Palm OS Treo released. And the Centro was the last PalmOS Treo of any type released.


Palm is working on their new Linux-based OS platform, and while I'm sure they need to devote most of their engineering resources to it, it's taking so long that business Palm OS sales are going to be dead before long (if they aren't already). And then they won't have anybody to sell the Linux platform to.



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One of my more recent phones was the centro. I switched to it because I was tired of my Windows Mobile devices' unreliability. I personally loved the simplicity of Palm's OS from the icons to the smoothness. However when comparing the phone to any of the other popular devices of today most people will go for the other. 


Palm has much of the medical industry very loyal to their treo line, however I agree that if they don't act very soon they could lose this business from RIM's Blackberry's or the ever popular and trendy iPhone.

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I think they really made the conscious decision to move the Palm OS down to entry-level smartphones like the Centro.  I think they've simply admitted defeat to Windows Mobile, Blackberry and iPhone.  Hopefully Palm's next-gen Linux-based OS is coming sooner rather than later.


I do think the iPhone has proved that you customers aren't loyal to a company or OS in this space.  They'll go where the technology/features are.  If Palm does show up with a truly revolutionary OS/Phone combo, they won't have any trouble getting buyers.

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I was actually a beta tester for the Centro before it came out for Sprint and I think it's a pretty cool phone. It is very simple and the Palm OS is kind of arcaic, but it works great.

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