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Android/HTC Dream to be demoed on Sept. 23rd

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T-Mobile will be holding a press conference on Sept. 23rd to officially announced the first Android-powered phone, the HTC Dream.  Hopefully they'll also annouce the official release date then as well.  Hopefully they have a surprise or two planned as well.  More handsets please!



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Hm, well...pre-demo, looks like it'll be cost-competitive with the iPhone.


Quoting the Wall Street Journal, Reuters reports that T-Mobile will be pricing the forthcoming HTC Dream, the first Googlephone, at an iPhone-matching $200. More importantly, the WSJ says that "T-Mobile USA plans to release new data service plans in conjunction with the Google phone that will be 'aggressively priced.'"

This makes it clear that T-Mobile sees the the Android phone as an antidote to AT&T's exclusive on the iPhone. Whether AT&T sees it the same way is another matter. The hope is that competition will bring down the price of AT&T's iPhone plans, but really, if somebody wants an iPhone, they'll buy one. For instance, Creative's Zen MP3 players are great, and much cheaper than iPods, but just how many of them do you see around?


[Read the whole thing on Wired]

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A post came out just a little while ago on engadget.  They just got their hands on the Android device.


"So far we like what we see. The phone is surprisingly thinner than we thought it would be, and it feels pretty solid in your hand (though they've opted for an almost all plastic device, no metal here). The keyboard seems usable and reasonably well thought-out, and the slider action is like butter, with a nice little swoop for good effect."


(Article and pictures over at engadget)

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Hopefully reviews will be good.  I doubt there will be a prepaid option but I would like to see what the "no contract" price will be, if thereis one.  Otherwise I'll have to buy one, pay a month, then take a $200 ETF just to maintain it on my normal T-Mobile prepaid line.

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