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BB Storm page up on Verizon's site

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No real information...but a decent shot of the Storm.  You can give them your email address so "you'll be the first to know when it's available for purchase."


Verizon's BB Storm page

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Lots of lead time on this release... I think the release date is Nov 1.


Also, this may not matter to most but the "small print" on the form where you provide your email address doesn't limit communications to just Storm-related materials.

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Good point....they're obviously harvesting email addresses so they can send you all kinds of annoying crap.

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Ha!  It may be innocent, only time will tell.  So far I have gotten one email about the Storn that didn't offer anything new, but haven't gotten any other emails from them on any other marketing topic.

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I'm looking forward to the release.  Additionally, I'm interested to see how the business community embraces the phone; e.g. will this become a standard offering for company issue phones? 

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I'm really pulling for this thing to be mind blowingly awesome...we'll see. Pgens is right, the updates sign up is a bit suspicious, but I did it anyway.


I think I'll order one of these ASAP.

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 just learned about the Storm!!  This looks amazing.  do you think it'll blow the iphone out of the water as some bloggers are saying?  how do they really compare?


also, i'm guessing they'll be ridiculously expensive....

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My brother and my cousin are going crazy over this phone. They'll probably get it the first day it comes out.


It's difficult to say how they compare when no one has had a chance to use it. It'll probably be similar to the iphone, but with a focus on productivity for all of the business people.

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