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Sprint CEO: Android is not good enough for our brand

News by Michael Oryl on Saturday October 25, 2008.


For those Google Android fans out there that are waiting for Sprint to roll out its first Android powered smartphone, it might be best if they not hold their breath while waiting. Sprint's CEO Dan Hesse told the members of the National Press Club that Android is not good enough to put the Sprint brand on yet.


So while many were expecting or hoping for an Android powered phone on Sprint in Q1 of 2009, that just doesn't sound all that likely. Hesse did not comment further on when we might expect such a device from Sprint, but did say that Sprint will have an Android device in the future.


As a member of the Open Handset Alliance(INFO), he's probably compelled to say at least that much. [via AndroidAuthority]



LOL, really? Seems like Android is better than just about anything else a normal cell phone or smart phone is running nowadays.