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Broken Aliph Jawbone ear hook

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I recently got an Aliph Jawbone headset due to the California law requiring headsets for driving. I've been enjoying it for the most part, but yesterday the earhook broke off in my pocket and I can't figure out how to get the stump out to put a new one in.


Any ideas? Has this happened to anyone else?


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fixed it. If anyone else has this problem, just flip the jawbone over and use a paper clip to force the broken piece back out the other side. It took a fair amount of force, but it eventually came through.

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 Awesome!  Same exact thing happened to me this morning.  I'll have to go dig out one of my extra ear pieces and hope it fits my ear.  Thanks for posting the paper clip fix. 

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I have three ear hooks to break. So I made an emergency ear hook out of a large paper clip. I bent the paper clip wire to match the original ear hook.  I removed the rubber from the Jawbone ear hook and placed it over the paper clip. Then installed it to the head set. I had to bend and clip the wire at the bottom, coming out of the head set. But it works until I can get new ear hook.
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Tip..after you get it a little bit out with the paper clip. Pull the rest out with wire pliers. Works perfectly!! Thanks guys

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Yup just happened to me. Now I need to find a new ear piece. Where? Other than that this unit works WAY better than the Nokia noise maker that I had before.
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hmmm, I went to see about new earhooks on the Jawbone site and it says that they're out of stock (though normally $9.99 for a pack of 4.)


I think in the meantime Jimbo has the right advice in the post above.

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They very nicely emaild me an offer to send me a new one...If I send the origional perchase receipt.


They are still out of stock.


It looks like a paper clip for me also.

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I'm having the same problem here with an old jawbone. I upgraded to a jawbone 2 and it seems to work best, but if you still need an ear peice....i believe ebay will have them. I use ebay to buy all of my stuff and i bought extra jawbone 2 earhooks from them. I'll let you all know if they are interchange able. Hope this helps.

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Right on - thanks Matt!

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If they are out of stock it would appear to be a manufacturing defect.  Too many people are having this problem. 

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I had the exact same issue with a broken earhook after putting the earpiece in my pant pocket. After searching for a replacement, and not finding any  I made a new earhook with a copper strand (I think this is a 12G strand, not sure. You need the solid wire, not twisted strands) . Remove the broken piece of plastic in the jawbone by pushing it out with a paper clip. Remove the curved plastic piece out of the leather earhook using pliers and slipping it out. slip in the copper wire through the leather covering leaving about 1/2 inch bare to go thro the earpiece (copper wire is about the right thickness, and copper is quite malleable, and will not break off easily) I had to crimp  the end a bit to be able to push it through the jawbone hole. Final task is to shape the hook to your comfort.. I like the new fit better than the original.



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